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A small hidden champion that
makes efforts for employee and
customer satisfaction through innovative
technology and continuous challenges

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  • 2021

    • 12Selected as 'National Representative 1000 of Innovative Companies'
  • 2020

    • 03Signed business agreement for technology
      commercialization including AI semiconductors (SK Telecom)
  • 2019

    • 09Absorbed Alpha Pluschip Inc.
      Completed 14nm Network camera SoC design
    • 05Took over Pluschip Inc.
    • 02Completed 14nm automobile & STB AP development
  • 2018

    • 10Absorbed ADTech Co., Ltd.
      Acquired shares of ADTech Co., Ltd.
    • 09Signed stock transaction contract with OncoSec Medical Incorporated
      Completed 10nm Bitcoin project development
    • 01Registered as a partner of BYD
  • 2017

    • 12Completed 14nm project development
    • 10Certified for ISO9001
  • 2016

    • 12Physical division of Alpha Solutions Inc.
    • 11Founded Alpha Materials Co., Ltd.
    • 09Acquired shares of Viral Gene Inc.
    • 08Founded Alpha Biolabs Inc.
      Renamed as Alpha Holdings Inc.
    • 04Certified as a youth-friendly small hidden champion